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Helping Businesses Start, Grow and Succeed
The Small Business Development Center at the Daytona State College helps businesses become more successful and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Whether you are starting a business, buying a business, growing a business, selling a business or looking for financing, we can help you!
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Small Biz U FAQs

What is SmallBizU?
SmallBizU is the first online university created especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. As the largest collection of entrepreneurial training resources available on the web, this online academy seeks to instill a formal business intelligence – the capacity to solve problems, meet challenges, and create valued products.

What can be found inside?
SmallBizU teaches the 3 Ms – Money, Management and Marketing – through a no-frills, utilitarian curriculum that provides small businesses with real tools and information. Within SmallBizU there are over 3,500 animated slides presented across 20 core classes and a comprehensive entrepreneurial master class curriculum. Each course is delivered via the internet full of animated slides accompanied by voice-over narration. PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, toolsets, and access to a comprehensive knowledgebase.

What can it do?
Most people that start a business are technicians by trade. They know skill or craft and seek to build a business around it. As technicians they have worked in their business, but not on it. Fortunately, the critical skills of entrepreneurship can be taught. SmallBizU provides the necessary skills an entrepreneur needs on “just-in-time” basis to allow them to work on their business rather than just in it.

Who’s it for?
SmallBizU is open to anyone who is trying to start a business or who is currently in business.

Where can it be found (accessed)?
SmallBizU can be accessed through the Small Business Development Center at UNF’s website at

How much does it cost?
SmallBizU is $30 per class.

What kinds of courses are available?
SmallBizU offers courses in the areas of Money, Management and Marketing. These courses vary from beginner level classes such as Marketing 101 and Finding Money to more advanced courses such as Market Insight and Research and Strategic Planning and Execution.SmallBizU offers courses in the area of Money such as Creating a Loan Package, Finding and Attracting Investors, and Accounting 101. Management courses include Crafting A Business Plan, Choosing A Legal Structure, and Buying a Business. Marketing courses include Positioning, Pricing and Strategy Tactics, and Understanding Intellectual Property.

What is the typical course format?
From its inception, the curriculum of SmallBizU was developed using a branded and unified approach applied across the design of every course. Each course moves across a continuum of ten sections. The sections move from a generational description of a functional skill, to the recognized theory, to the application of the practice to a small business. A typical course ranges anywhere from 170 to 200 slides and is presented over a three to four hour period.

If you are ready to enroll and begin training click here.