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Helping Businesses Start, Grow and Succeed
The Small Business Development Center at the Daytona State College helps businesses become more successful and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Whether you are starting a business, buying a business, growing a business, selling a business or looking for financing, we can help you!
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2012 Business Success

I believe that we are poised for significant growth this year and the companies that have taken advantage of the slow times to improve their systems and staff will excel! If you want a comprehensive projection for 2012, join our seminar by Dr Snaith- 

One advantage in 2012 is more time! That's right, this year will be longer than the last three because it is a Leap Year. I know, one day isn't even a 1% increase but it's a start. The rest is up to you as to how effective and efficient you will use the almost 6,000 waking hours you have. Most business owners will waste over 4,000 hrs with ineffective activity. Below are my tips to help maximize your time-

  • Maintain Integrity- Integration of your activities with your Beliefs, Values and Goals. Soul search what is important to you and develop 2012 Plan, bucket list and lifetime goals.
  • Increase Effectiveness- Reduce "time vampires" (You can't manage time only activities). Develop systems that eliminate activity that has no importance related to your goals.
  • Increase Efficiency- "Do the Right Thing Right" Establish what, when, where and by who is most efficient for your mission.
  • Duplicate- Outsource, delegate, automate or partner. Leverage your time!!!
  • Improve- You won't do better unless you are better. Enhance your strengths, reduce your weaknesses and constantly prepare for opportunity.
  • Seek Counsel- Establish outside input and accountability. Form an advisory board, use focus groups, visit the SBDC, follow successful people through social media and constantly network.
The SBDC at Daytona State hopes this helps you to have a banner year and welcomes the opportunity to serve you in 2012!