Business Intelligence 

Make smarter decisions with in-depth business intelligence. Our tools, resources and analyses answer the following questions and more: What increased level of sales must I achieve to pay for hiring another employee or purchasing another long-term asset? Why do my customers behave the way they do? How can I boost my cash without increasing sales at all?

Our No Cost Business Intelligence Tools Include: 

Profit Cents – Smart business owners consult Profit Cents when prioritizing their change initiatives. When you know how you rank among your competitors, you know what needs to be changed. The Profit Cents tool reveals this important information in detailed areas ranging from sales per employee to how quickly inventory turns over.

Profit Mastery – Surprisingly powerful information lies hidden in your financial statements. Uncover it with this easy-to-use tool. Among its many benefits, Profit Mastery reveals how businesses can significantly increase cash in the bank without increasing sales simply by changing a few management procedures.

Psychographic  Reports – precision target your marketing by locating specific customer types and understanding why they buy.

Demographic Analysis – place your new location at the epicenter of your customer base by learning the customer profile of any neighborhood and the traffic count at any given address.

Best customer analysis – Stay ahead of the curve by gaining insight into expected future trends in the customers who spend the most in any given category. 

Industry Reports – Compare your business to the industry with these detailed analyses that reveal critical industry best practices that will answer such questions as: What are the key performance indicators I should manage?

Preliminary patent searches – Delegate the hard work to us at no cost.


Florida Entrepreneur Resource Center

Connect with Volusia County and national business resources right here, right now. Whether you are starting, expanding or relocating your business, our resource center connects you with local and national organizations to assist you. Inside you will find free and paid business resources in all areas ranging from building a start-up team to business relocation assistance. 


 The Florida SBDC Network offers many resources to business owners. These tools are available right here from our website.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein